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By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

"Please I can't breath

My stomach hurts

My neck hurts

Everything hurts".

These were the last sorrowful words of George Floyd who was brutally attacked and publicly suffocated to death by four psychopathic police officers from Minneapolis police Department. The tears and pleas of helpless George while on the ground could not touch nor change the mind of his killers.

I was filled with so much grieve and pain after I watched a gory video of how four police officers from Minneapolis police suffocated an innocent black American, George Floyd in broad daylight. One of the most bizarre human execution I have ever seen in my life. Once again, the brutal killing of George Floyd has resonated the old question, 'is America truly a home for all'? If indeed America is a home for all, the police officers that murdered the black American in cold blood wouldn't have.

If Donald Trump doesn't take drastic measures in other to end the incessant and senseless killings of Blacks in America, he might jeopardize his chances of returning to the White House. Moreover, if this is one of the ways his administration intends to make America Great Again, then there is reason for everyone to be worried. America is known to be a model of democracy. Over years, it has played a hegemonic role across the globe by being a human rights advocate.

America's dream is predicated on the fact that everyone is born equal. No man shall be treated unjustly because of his colour or race. Presently, this dream is speedily waning and ushering in a new order where some fraction of America now see themselves as more equal than others.

George Floyd was murdered in one of the most painful way. He was killed like a house chicken by men who were meant to protect him. He was begging for mercy. Calling on his mother while his precious life slips away. I couldn't hold back my tears. Bystanders were yelling, pleading, asking the officer that pinned Floyd down to let him go but the whole plea fell to a deaf ear. It suddenly became clear to everyone that the officers were out to murder George Floyd.

There is no moral justification for the wicked and premeditated actions of the officers that butchered George. They are inhuman, devilish, depraved and blood suckers. Let's assume that Mr Floyd resisted arrest when the officers were invited by the complainant. But the cruel measure which the officers adopted to deal with his resistance was crude. As professional law enforcers, there should have been other means of tackling his situation rather than outright execution in the public glare.

The gruesome killing of George Floyd has sent a very bad signal about America. If it were to be a black American police officer that pinned a white American that way on the ground and he dies on the process, heads will roll. The mainstream media will manufacture all forms of malicious stories about the black people. And the black officer will face immediate dismissal and prosecution

Consequently, the dismissal of those police officers involved in the murder of George Floyd is only a scratch on the surface. Americans shouldn't allow George killers to go unpunished. Accelerated investigation should be conducted and justice served without delay. George deserve better. An innocent man shouldn't die like a common criminal.

Without blacks, America will be nothing and America can't be Great Again by killing blacks.

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a political analyst, investigative and freelance journalist
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