Herald Poems: Broken Boy
No matter what you are going through as you read this poem, i just want you to know that it's temporary. 

The night seems longer,
The thoughts are deeper,
The pain is much,
It's all anger,
It's written all over me.

Pain why have you chosen me?
Will i ever be happy or
Am i destined to be pained?

Broken i am,
Joy have departed me,
Will i ever smile again?
The light seems far away from me,
How long do i have to go,
To get to the end of this tunnel?

They said after the rain comes sunshine,
But it's been raining all day in my life,
When will the sun shine?

I am broken,
I am tired,
I am weak.

Help me Lord, 
For i can't do this alone,
In you i depend.

You said you will watch your children,
Watch over me,
You said knock and you will open,
I have been knocking,
I know you will open the door.

My pillow knows my pain,
It holds the tears for me,
I just want to be happy.

It's just a poem of a broken boy
Who knows nothing,
Nothing but pain
All his life.

Written by Anthony Okolie


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