Northern Cyprus is a cool and nice place to visit. They have nice beaches and other beautiful tourist sites. So far you are not troublesome you have nothing to worry about because Cypriot people are very friendly.

Here, take a look at some of the barriers/challenges you are likely to face as a foreigner in Northern Cyprus.

Communication/Language Problem
'Yok English' or 'Sorry no English' is the most common words every foreigner in Northern Cyprus have heard, in fact, these words tends to be the first word most foreigners who can't speak Turkish will be told.

Useful tips: Before coming, try learning some basic words like, Hello, How are you, Excuse me, Thank you, Goodbye, How much.

Shopping Problem
Most of the items name in the mall are all written in Turkish. Most foreigners ends up buying the wrong item, For example, most foreigners mistake hair shampoo for bathing soap. I was a victim of this, i bathed with shampoo for almost a month.

Useful tips: Make sure you have translator on your phone in other not to be a victim.

Transport Problem
Public transportation is one of the major problem for foreigners who chose to use public transport. The pay bus closes early. The only way out is to use taxi, school buses or rent a car.

Useful tips: Make sure you set money aside for taxi or to rent a car if need be.

Accommodation Problem
Accommodation problem is common for foreigners, especially for Africans. The landlords are very "selective" when it comes to renting out their apartments and sometimes the prices of these apartments are outrageous.

Useful tips: If you are planning to stay for over a year, make sure you have enough money to pay at least six month rents. If you are staying for a month or less, you can use the hotel or a friends house if you have any here. Never accept a house contract written with Turkish only, the landlord should provide you with English version.

Money Problem
Most items are very expensive compare to your country's price. Make sure you have enough money to sustain your stay.

Useful tips: Make sure your Bank cards are working and are at least one year away from expiring date. 

Feel free to share the challenges you have encountered in Northern Cyprus in the comment section below.


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