Neymar shares private WhatsApp messages of rape accuser, says he fell for a trap
Reports in the Brazilian media on Saturday explained that Neymar has been accused of rape and the player responded to this on Sunday morning. 

The Paris Saint-Germain forward published a video on social media in which he shared private WhatsApp messages he had with the accuser between March and May of 2019, claiming that he had fallen for a trap.

It was reported in UOL Esporte that the victim has claimed they met in a Paris hotel on May 15, that the player was drunk and that he turned violent and sexually assaulted her.

The 27-year-old denied this and wanted to show that the pair continued to message each other after the meeting.

"I'm sharing everything and the entire conversation that I had with the woman, all of our private moments," he said.

"It's necessary to open up and show this to show that nothing more really happened."What happened this day was a relationship between a man and a woman between four walls, something that happens with all couples.

"Nothing was wrong the next day and we continued to exchange messages."He went on to speak of his sadness at the accusations.

"I am being accused of rape," he said."It's a heavy word and a strong thing, but that's what is happening right now and it caught me by surprise.

"It's very bad and sad to hear this because anyone who knows me knows my character and my integrity and knows I'd never do something like this.

"It was a trap and I ended up falling for it, but that's a lesson for the future.

"There are people who want to capitalise on and extort other people, which is really sad."It doesn't just hurt me, but my entire family.

"I was raised well and it's sad to be exposed to this. "I have to try something sincere and honest, because I am like this and am honest."


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