While previous administrations may have invested hugely on frivolous activities and events especially during this time of the year, Gov. Hope Uzodimma is very much busy inspecting some of the major road constructions in the state.

For many that are yet to understand the person and style of leadership represented by Gov. Hope Uzodimma should by now know that he is very much less interested in the praises that comes from doing his job rather committed in getting the job done rightly and this has propelled the routine project inspections by the governor and not by proxy.

It is a promised made and kept that amongst many other things inherited by Gov. Hope Uzodimma’s shared prosperity government, he has sworn that never will imo state be synonymous to bad roads as all roads initiated by his predecessors have been completed and some near completion as well as roads constructions awarded by his government.

Just recently, the Governor had taken his time to visit some major roads under construction with his Commissioner of Works, Ralph Nwosu such as the Dick-tiger road, balloon technology drainage construction situated along Chukwuma Nwaoha road and the MCC road. The Governor commended the contractor handling the balloon technology drainage system for a quality job and explained that the idea is to assemble all the floods coming from MCC and other adjoining areas into the tunnel for onward discharge into the Otamiri River.

On the Dick-Tiger road, the Governor maintained that the road construction was different from what it used to be in the past as the asphalt laying was done on solid base with walkways and quality drainage construction in both diameter and length.

As the Yuletide season draws close, government is working towards changing the narratives on the state of imo roads especially by imo Sons and Daughters in diaspora and while such efforts are in play, it is imperative that we Imolites help the government maintain and ensure the roads remains in good shape by changing our attitudes towards government infrastructures and stop the indiscriminate dumping of refuse in the drainages while the citizenry is been urged to dispose their refuse properly and equally support the shared prosperity government of Gov. Hope Uzodimma.



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