Overtime, the prevailing situation faced by Imolites is that of bad roads and this has made it possible for politicians to gain their ways through making promises of fixing the roads immediately they assume office and oftentimes they fail on doing so with numerous excuses. This beats ones imagination as to why those we entrusted with power always finds it easy to play on the intelligence of the people even to the small good they ought to be doing.

Successive administrations hasn’t been fair on the nature of roads we have in the state. Imolites each time points out roads that requires immediate government attention especially before the rainy season yet government feigns ignorance of it and this always results to such roads worsening day by day thereby putting the lives of those that ply on it in danger and becomes a glaring death trap.

Most administration in the state were synonymous to “Patch Patch”, “White Wash” and other derogatory styles of road construction in the state and this is not to mention of the mysterious “acidic rain” which was claimed to be the reason why newly constructed roads are damaging or been washed away by the rain. Some goes to the extent of blaming the rain as to why they can’t start work on such roads but in all these Imolites still bears the brunt of it all.

The shared prosperity government of Gov. Hope Uzodimma is one without excuses not even for the fact that there was no proper handover or he took over from a government that was not formed by his party but the prevailing thought was how to work for the good of the people thus, the 3R mantra initiative was birthed.

The MCC/Dick Tiger road was one of the roads inherited by Gov. Hope Uzodimma which as at then was in a deplorable state and better described as a time bomb waiting to explode. The state of this road was accustomed to several blames and name calling by the people towards the government yet it was one of a kind road that needs a systematic approach to its construction else it becomes no different from the “usual” style of road construction witnessed in the past.

Consequently, the road was not given a lip service as contractors with proven years of expertise and evidence of good works were mobilized to site and work commenced immediately. A drainage system was first initiated and constructed as the first step towards addressing the issue of flooding around that area and its environs then the expansion, construction and asphalting which included the link roads. All these were done putting to work best quality materials that can stand the test of time and in line with global best practices in road construction.

Today, the MCC/Dick Tiger road is no longer a nightmare to motorists and pedestrians but a new and safer haven for them even as businesses are not left out in the joy of standard road. Those that has hitherto blamed the government over what they perceived to see as a “slow approach” towards the road construction are now they ones thanking Gov. Hope Uzodimma for not just that road alone but his taste for quality and durable roads in the state.

There is no doubt that anybody visiting the state for the first will marvel at the quality of roads seen in imo state which can be compared to that of other states in and outside the country and the undoubtable truth is that imolites who left the state before this present administration will find it difficult to locate some areas in the state if not properly guided. These Gov. Hope Uzodimma has done with meager resources but he is still unrelenting in his quest to change the tides in the state.



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